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Customer Service + great attitude

August 02, 2011
This is the local place that prople travel for: You get quality & inexpensive chef prepared pizza & dishes that will rock your world & keep you coming back!

Best Food

August 07, 2011
Hands down best pizza in Deer Park and surrounding towns. Kitchen food is delicious too! You can tell they use high quality products unlike other pizzeria’s that buy the cheap stuff.

Love it!

July 29, 2011 – Likes it
Haven’t eaten pizza anywhere else since Richie’s Pizza opened. Love the pizza and everything else on the menu!

The best pizza and salad!

August 02, 2011 – Likes it
The best pizza and salad i had in a very long time… what a clean immaculate restaurant…. want good food and service get to Richie’s Pizza

Great place

August 02, 2011
Totally love the sausage and pepper slice. Also had one of the best chicken caesar salads ever.
Staff is quick and courteous. And the decor is clean and fresh.
Best Pizzeria in Deer Park.

Liked it!!

August 03, 2011 – Likes it
One of the best chicken salads I ever had !! Great Service and prices

Now That’s PIZZA

August 02, 2011
Not only the best tasting pizza, but all the varieties and so many other great dishes. You will want to keep coming back and eat something different each time. The best on Long Island.


August 02, 2011 – Likes it
Make sure to ask for sesame seeds on your pizza crust – delicious! And so many one-of-a-kind items to try, too: buffalo garlic knots (a MUST have), Thai calimari, “shut up and try it” gourmet pizza with an addictive balsamic glaze. Nothing even close to “so so” so far! Free delivery, too!

Mobile Review

July 31, 2011 – Likes it
Richies Pizza is amazing!! Very unique menu :) loved the buffalo knots!! definatley my favorite pizzeria


August 26, 2011 – Likes it
Their pizza is fantastic, you must try the Shut Up and Try it PIE!!!

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